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May 07, 2008



I am sooooo excited you're making a debut in the Big Apple. I can't begin to tell you how much I love Method and appreciate the company thinking of the environment. Harsh chemicals are just that, harsh for our planet, people of all walks of life and our precious pets. I'm shouting from the mountain top (well top of the 5th floor at work) thank you. Keep up the good work.


Can't wait to come by and see the store!


Sooo...when are y'all coming to Phoenix? Were really dirty here, I have to dust everyday!

Donna Thomas

Method Super Reps and R&D Geniuses

I adore your products...even bring them to work. Shouldn't your office air be clean and healthy, too? So, when are you coming to Easton? We have a strong population here (Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton) with many NJans and NYers having moved here recently. We all love you and I'd love to chat with a Method SME (Subject Matter Expert). Please consider and thank you for all your good stuff and containers so great and original that other companies are copying your products....and containers. Notice other dishwashing liquid is trying to copy your teardrop style. Sorry...they will never replace your great products (and humor). Love especially your all purpose cleaner. Hard to believe it even excellently cleans my stove top. Keep up the great work. You rock!

Donna Thomas
Easton, PA


Awesome! I am going to come on the 16th, I can't wait!

Method is one of my favorite companies, and I have been trying everyone to switch there other products!


talina greenfield

that's so awesome! i'm going to try and make it up there, i'm coming all the way from delaware so not sure if its possible! i think your products are great and have been trying to get everyone to switch! is there any chance you might be coming to the delaware/philadelphia area? stay green!

Eddie C.

I'll have to come back over the bridge tomorrow. I was just there yesterday and I didn't know about this until now - I'll be bringing a can of Pledge with me to trade in. Keep up the good work!


Awesome campaign!! I received the best Mother's day present today, the o mop [which I have been wanting to get] and more household cleaners. It's the perfect gift for me because I consider myself to be a sensible and sustainable being. I love Method!

shelia marqis

Im thrilled with this campaign!!! We desperately need one in Lawrence Kansas!!! We have many, many people doing great things to save the planet....but there are still those on the fringe that need conversion!!!

DR Martin Miller

Sir, I love your OMOP I have had 3 of them, but the handel keeps breaking off. I have 1700 sft. of wood flooring, it the best I have found so far, cant you do anything to correct this flaw in a great product?


DR Martin Miller,
So glad you love the OMOP! Please email info@methodhome.com and let them know about any breakage issues.

Robin Duensing

So how about Detroit? Or Grand Rapids?


Are your products all made in the USA?


о тряпка?

jody sellon

I recently found your bathroom cleaners at my local target store. The toilet bowl cleaner smells sooooo good people asked, "what new scent do you have in your method defuser?" I thought that said it all! Love all your products, especially good for wood. My house is mission style and alot of wood. I cleaned my husbands chair, he said,the wood felt smooth, and had a different look. Well if he can notice. Thanks for all the great products!!


Wow! I can't wait to stop by!! I hope this is permanent and you guys have the amazing dryer sheets!!! They are so hard to find... and I adore them

H.Y. Chason

Wow, what an awesome setup!! Method is so great-- I got so much stuff for my house this week for full size items at that! 5 home cleaning products for only 20 bucks!! And my girlfriend loved the tote bag that comes free with the purchase. People, go (RUN) to the store and get 'em!


So I just stopped by and dropped off old cleaning supplies from my office, loads from my 4 bedroom apt and even gross old hair care and other beauty products that have been collecting dust as I've been making the swapout...I felt so great knowing they would be disposed of safely AND those toxins are no longer in my home!

Thank you Method for taking a stand!!

William McMillian

Love the products - can't wait to come by!

steve soroka

looks great, but a bit to far for me to make the drive from buffalo... :(

take advantage of this nyc peeps.


i've been a method customer for a couple of several years and was thrilled to see the bright method pop-up store in soho today. unfortunately i had a negative experience in the store with customer service based on a couple of technicalities which were not conveyed to me until i went to purchase my items. one of the two main issues was that the salesperson at the register (being the same person who greeted me when i entered the store) said the person i was paying with and i could not buy 2 bottles of detergent. i told her that i was not notified of this and the person i was paying with (who did not walk into the store at the same time as i) was also unaware of this policy. as the cashier was the same person who greeted me upon entering it seemed that it was the fault of the store in not clearly conveying this to us. she was only able to keep repeating the "store policy" and so i asked to speak to the manager. when the manager arrived, she also just kept repeating the same policy. i understand the store policy, it's just that this was not clearly conveyed to us nor were there any signs about it. if i had initially known that or there were clear signs it would have been a moot issue and we would not have both gone up with that duplicate item. again, as i felt that this was the fault of the store, they could have relented on one botthel of detergent and made for a satisfied customer. it's not like i was planning to use this technicality and come back to stock up on bottles of detergent. i was wandering the store for at least 20-25 minutes with my boyfriend and during that entire time neither of us heard any employee stating this. the second issue was that i could only pay with credit card. i wanted to pay cash but, again, there was no sign that said credit card purchases only at this store. okay, whatever, i could live with that but the fact that this was told to me just seconds before i wanted to purchase my items was mildly annoying. i'm usually so satisfied with method products and their customer service that this left me with a negative feeling about the company and its policy toward customers. there were a couple of other smaller things that i could have taken issue with in terms of the customer service and its inconsistencies. i just would've preferred that the policies were clear up front. please make sure that the salespeople convey a consistent and thorough message for the customers walking through the door. thank you.


Please please please please come to Seattle,WA! We love Method here! Please?


Please please please please come to Seattle,WA! We love Method here! Please?


Thanks for your input. I will make sure the store staff is aware of the confusion!


I would love to see one of these in Philadelphia! I have been purchasing Method products since day one and will always go out of my way to find them. Your website has made finding the items that local stores like Target do not carry easy.

One design comment... The new packaging for the liquid dish soap is cumbersome to use. Even though the shape is pleasing to the eye, the bottle tends to tip over from time to time and, because of this, I need to keep the lid closed when not in use. This act poses an additional problem because the lid is not user-friendly. It is hard to open and close with my bare hands especially if the top gets wet. I must always grab a dish towel or make sure that the top and my hands are dry in order to make it turn. Thank you for letting me vent!

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