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February 27, 2008



FYI - Some Targets already have the new Omop on their shelves!!


Just yesterday I was lamenting to my earth-friendly sister that Method offers no toilet bowl cleaner. It was almost as if you were listening. AMAZING!!!!!!


Well... I must have used the heck out of my omop that the handle broke! I have new laminate floors throughout my lower level and it's been a trip seeing me clean without a handle. Good thing I'm short!! So I'll wait and get another one when I find the new packaging. I love this thing! :o)


Hooray!! A company that has finally broken the plastic packaging barrier! I hope more companies pick up on this idea and we can finally stop the plastic garbage insanity! Thank you Method!!


I have to say. I had "another brand" of mop/floor cleaning thing. And it was "okay" but I longed for the method brand mop. I kept telling myself I was saving the environment by not purchasing something else. Making mine "work". I bought the method pads, and attached them with rubber bands etc. Today I was in target and decided to just buy the omop. I thought $25 was a bit steep for a mop, but it looked heavy duty and my "other brand" just was not cutting it.
Let me tell you! I LOVE IT! I got all three rooms done, kitchen with tile floor, and my hard wood in the living and dining rooms. And the O-mop is Aerodynamically designed so I was not in severe pain after I was done!!!!
Definitely money well spent.
I also LOVE the way the almond oil seeps into the wood and leaves a beautiful shine. And it smells so nice!
Thank you for making such wonderful products!!!



my omop handle broke as well. i hope yall look at making this handle stronger. looking nice is o.k. but if yall dont have substance I'll drop yall like a hot potato because it ain't cheap to keep replacing the omop.


I love the omop but my handle broke too. I just missed cutting my arm when it broke. It needs another set of velcro in the front and back. My pads are alwasy rolling up when I push because there is nothing holding where the actual pressure is.


The handle on my omop broke several weeks ago-very disappointing as I have not had it for long. I do love using it but am leary about purchasing another as it seems that many others have had the omop handle break also.


My handle just broke today! And I haven't used the mop that often. Grrrrr!


Make the handle stronger. Mine snapped like a twig today. otherwise I have no complaints about it. I am not dropping another 25 dollars till y'all come out with a sturdier version or diffrent design. If the handle breaks do what I did and tape it back on with lots of tape.


Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. My handle broke too and I work for the company. :) That said, we're working diligently to get this problem resolved and want to help each and every one of you guys who had an omop handle break. So if you're stuggling with a broken omop, please email us at info@methodhome.com. Let us show you some method love ;)

sarah homeijer

hey everybody... it's sarah from method. the handle breakage issues occurred in about 3-5% of the original mops, and the good news is that we are totally on top of the problem! our tools pod team has pinpointed the issue and worked their magic to ensure sturdier handles.

if this not-so-pleasant twist of fate has knocked on your door and you find yourself standing with a broken handle, simply shoot us an email at info@methodhome.com, and we'll get you all taken care of. (please be ready to show proof of purchase, such as a digital photo of the broken mop, receipt, or the handle itself.)

mop on.


My Omop handle broke too. I also had to add some more velcro to hold the micro fiber pad too.


Hey, what product do I use with laminate floors? The wood? Or the All Floor cleaner? I just used the All Floor and my floors look dull. I'm thinking the wood cleaner? Please advise.


I have gone through 2 of these mops. First one, Method gave me some coupons to get another one. 2nd one broke the same way. I have given up until the design can be redone. I still see them on the store shelf. They should really recall them until they can improve the design. The 2nd one I just put in the recycle bin. Was not going to spend any more time trying to get one that did not break. I also saw another one in my complex recycle bin a few weeks ago with the same broken handle. Hopefully they will get a new design soon cause it was a nice product.


I too am wondering what to use on laminate floors? I bought the wood floor care kit. And it says good on sealed hardwood and laminate floors; but the almond oil floor cleaner doesn't say that. It just says for wood floors. I am confused... I bought it anyways because I figure Method wouldn't say it's good for both, and then put something in the kit that isn't. Any advice?


hola! it's felicia from method and these are both great questions...

@Annette, our wood floor cleaner can be used safely on both sealed wood and laminate floors; just like the packaging says. the label on the bottle inside is a little older, and will be updated. i have laminate flooring myself and that's the cleaner i use to get my floors looking awesome.

@kathleen, if you find that your floors are looking a little dull, you may need to use a little less product. you can get the shine back by moppping with clear, cool water to take off some of the floor care. then dilute your cleaner bit with some water. try mopping with that mixture from here on, and that should bring back the shine.

thanks, and as always, feel free to drop us a line at info@methodhome.com or check out our FAQ section at:


mop on.


What is the mop made of?


I bought the toilet cleaner and scrub a month or two ago and absolutely LOVE them. They smell so fresh and lovely.

Does method have any plans, or does anyone have a suggestion, on how to clean a ceramic stove top? I currently use a product designed specifically for this type of surface, but would love to know about 'greener' alternatives. The all-purpose sprays leave a film.

Sue M

I just bought my first omop today and really like it. I do have one concern, however. How do you keep the mop from flipping over when mopping? Do I not have enough cleaner on the floor. It works fine if I just push or pull but when I try to mop back and forth, it flips to the back side. Am I just doing something wrong?

Sue M

Sorry, I just read the FAQ and my question was answered.


i also had 2 omop handles that broke. i bought the wood kit and tile floor kit. both broke. my omop also flips. very annoying. i do love the design of the mop b/c you can get under the bed and couches etc. but i can not afford to buy another one if it's going to break! for everyone out there who's handles broke ,but love the cleaner, i bought a different microfber mop from quickie and it works just as well. does the new packaging mean new and improved omop?if it does ,then i will spend the money to buy another one, if not unfortunatly i won't..

Kate C

I emailed Method almost a year ago about this o-mop but never got a reply. I had a question concering the "Responsibly made in China" statement on the package. What does that mean exactly?? Can anyone answer this? Or are they just totally ignoring me.... I tend not to buy things made in China so I'd like to know if there is reason enough to be okay with that for this product.


@jeanette, we're happy to replace any broken omops you come across, and are working to get these stronger omops out to you. Please email us at info@methodhome.com if you have any omop concerns. We're here for you.

@Kate C, By "responsibly made in China" we mean that we work with reputable manufacturers who conduct internal factory audits for labor standards which are based on internationally accepted standards for labor rights issues.


Was considering buying the OMop as I have a competitor's microfiber (mail order type only) that is wonderful. I think it's great that Method will be implementing modifications to fix the handle problem, and great customer service in that they will 'take care' of those who have experienced this problem. When the 'new' version is out, I will probably buy one, but I will continue to use the almond scented wood floor cleaner. It is wonderful! Smells so much nicer than vinegar and water, for sure! All the Method products I've tried so far have been wonderful. Looking forward to eventually replacing all my cleaning products with more environmentally friendly products. Keep up the good work!

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