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April 24, 2008



Sounds yummy, but...that should be COARSE sea salt.


Thanks for catching that! I just changed it.


I love to shop at www.wholeandnatural.com. They have all kinds of healthy and natural kosher food and snacks. The stuff is fresh and low prices.
btw I used a coupon bldc08 try it


I love your products and your site (with the exception of the missing "contact us" link. Like many Canadian companies we try to buy products locally. There is an underlying perception here that for every dollar we add to your gross "domestic" product another 25 cents will be used for warfare. That aside, we still buy your products because you seem so genuine in your important goals...and we support that. (We are a large cleaning service company in Montréal). I wanted to point out that on your box of sweet water aroma sticks you speak of the fresh bubbling brook smell and THEN YOU SPEAK OF NOT BEING FOOLED--DON'T GET YOUR FISHING GEAR OUT!!!!!

As you are undoubtedly aware fishing and meat consumption are extremely selfish and wasteful ways to obtain protein, and our planet cannot withstand such practices. Meat production is the most destructive practice, in terms of global warming and fishing is not only cruel but has wiped out entire species in less than 15 years, if that species is unfortunate enough to be "in vogue". If animal testing is cruel in your eyes, should you really be referring to piercing fish with hooks????

Please scold your marketing department. (I still love your products)


Maid in Montréal


I recently bought 2 Method aroma stick boxes from the local Target. I placed one on the dresser in the guest bedroom on the dresser and one in the office on a brand new cherry wood desk. When dusting the dresser tonight I noticed that the Method sticks were stuck to the dresser. I immediatly checked the desk and when I lifted the Method sticks up, it tore off the varnish. This product has ruined the top of a brand new piece of office furniture. I would imagine that many people are placing this very product on wood furniture and realizing the damage that it causes after it is too late. This product WILL RUIN nice furnitue and it should state that on the package or be taken off the shelves.


@Tim Love the passionate and enthusiastic response. We do love the fact that you're taking the time to read our copy. In that phrase of copy we do say "don't get out your fishing gear...", so I believe we're on the same side.

@Melanie We'd love to know more about your experience and would love to hear from you. I've sent you an email and am looking forward to being in touch. The aroma sticks do contain concentrated fragrance oils. Warnings and usage instructions are printed on the box. We're here for you and can always be reached at info@methodhome.com

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