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August 14, 2008



Why did you discontinue the regular dryer sheets in favor of the "wet" ones? I really miss the old "non-wet" dryer sheets as they worked much better for me. The wet ones clumped up and stuck to one piece of whatever I was drying. The non-wet ones at least moved freely through the laundry.

I'm now using Bounce (*gasp*) Free sheets and the Method liquid fabric softener.

Please bring the old dryer sheets back?


Yes, what is the difference between all those different plastic ratings? For recycling, what should people do with non-rated plastic? And are the caps and lids of bottles considered different or the same rating, and can they be recycled the same way as the bottle?

What happens to recycled plastic? Is it really "recycled", in other words a circular cycle as the term implies? I think many people assume recycled plastic comes back in the same type of bottles that they throw into the recycling bin, as aluminum cans do. From what I have heard, it doesn't. It ends up as things such as public restroom stall walls. Is there a more appropriate term than recycling for a "linear reuse" such as this?


How long after you guys started did you make it on to the shelves at Target? That's where I first discovered Method and I started using your products based on the packaging long before I knew they were non-toxic. I read your book and chuckled to myself when you talked about knowing that if the packaging was great, people would buy. It's so true. But I'm just wondering how you make a leap like that into a giant like Target, especially since it was really before the "green movement" kicked into high gear.

And one more... Who do you view as your biggest competitors, besides the toxic guys like Pledge and Mr. Clean?


Are air fresheners safe? I've read things about them aggravating asthma.

I'm confused about the Baby bubble bath and the Baby hair and body wash. Are they interchangeable in use?

There was a tip in the Squeaky Green book about preventing e coli (keep everything bone dry). What about things like salmonella and trichinosis? Will method dishwasher soap kill that stuff?



Why aren't your soap products (hand wash and I thought at least a couple others) SLS/SLES free? These two detergents are known to be irritating and frankly kinda DIRTY. I get that it works well theoretically, but when washing our hands we don't really need something as industrial as is in engine degreaser. Any possibility of picking a better ingredient? I love your products and would really appreciate you guys making SLS/SLES free products! (And I know lots of other people who would too!)


I am happy to hear that the dishcubes are back; I've been re-using the old container for the cubes I now buy.... just to let you know how much I like the old pkg!
Let me just say that I hope I can get them soon. I live in North-ish Ontario, Canada. Will it be long before the cubes make it here? My dishes haven't been very happy since the Method cubes left the market (last year?).


Please tell me more about the toilet bowl cleaner. I can't seem to find it on your website. Thank you.


I just tried Smarty Dish (not the grapefruit one) after having miserable results with other non-bleach, non-phosphate dishwasher detergents. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. It cleans amazingly well. I have only found it at Target and it's really expensive. I'm wondering where else I can find it (store or online) that maybe I can find it in larger quantity and hopefully cheaper package deal. I'm trying so hard to be green, but the economics are not in my favor. Thanks so much!

Jonathan Temple

I am delighted to see that Method has a product back for the dishwasher. I hate using the typical crap you see in most stores.
However, I would really like to try it. The only place I have seen it, is on the Home Shopping Network site, and at $20.00, that is too high cost for me.

The recent scrubbers and toilet cleaner products are great. I think the "scrubber" product was an especially important addition to the product line and it works great.



Jon Temple

I have a question and comment about using Method products on instruments, in particular, guitars.

1. For guitarists (which I am not), I am starting to learn Bass Guitar. I certainly don't want to use any wax types of products on the pretty and shiny wood of my Ibanez bass. I would like to know recommendations from the Method line on products to use to keep my Bass Guitar looking clean and in good shape. Certainly a good quality micro-fiber cloth is one item.

2. In my experience, I noticed a large difference when I first used the Method Wood disposable cloths as opposed to the Method Wood Spray.
I noticed that the Wood cleaning disposable cloths leaving a residue, but when I use the Method Micro-fibre Wood Cleaning micro-fiber cloth, along with the Wood cleaning spray, the cloth thee was NO residue and the wood looked great.

Recommendations for instruments and strings would be great.


sarah homeijer

Hey everybody, it's Sarah again from method...

Wanted to address Sarah's question regarding our use of SLS/SLES. We do in fact use this particular ingredient, which is derived from coconut oil and used for its lathering and efficacy properties, in a number of our products at minute levels.

There has been some controversy over SLS being carcinogenic. SLS is a safe ingredient and has not been classified as a known, probable or even suspected carcinogen by either the International Agency for Research on Cancer (www.iarc.fr) or the American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org). The ACS has actually gone so far as to issue a statement to this effect.

While the carcinogen concern is completely unfounded, SLS can in fact be a moderate skin and eye irritant when used in high concentrations and unbuffered. method only uses SLS in our formulations at sufficiently low concentrations so that any irritation concern is irrelevant.

When deciding to use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in some of our formulations, method made a complete assessment of the environmental and health aspects of this ingredient, including tests for toxicity and biodegradability. This was done in cooperation with the EPEA, an independent environmental research institute led by Dr. Michael Braungart, author of the landmark text Cradle to Cradle. Their findings showed SLS to be altogether safe in its intended usage, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally preferable.


How will Smarty Dish be different from your original dishwasher soap you had a year or so back? I love all your products, except that one.

Will Smarty Dish work better than the old stuff? How?

sarah homeijer

alright, i'm going to see if i can knock out two questions in one shot!

let's talk about guitars first. i actually shot this question over to our director of formulation, nick, who happens to be killer on the guitar, and here is his response:

Jon has got it. The Wipes product does leave a much ‘wetter’ residue than the Wood for Good Spray. The WFG DOES leave a residue (which is what leaves a shine), but it is dry and harder. After a few polishes, there will be enough of the polish ingredients on the surface to allow cleaning with less (or no) WFG spray.

I use the WFG spray with a Wood microfiber cloth with great results, and the only caveat is:

Make sure that if there is any residue from sweat or finger funk on the finished surface, it is wiped off (kinda gently) with a piece of t-shirt material dampened with water before using the WFG. This is to avoid scratching the finish.

Ibanez uses urethane finishes, so they are not super delicate (like nitrocellulose), but you don’t want to put swirls on the guitar.

I use WFG on:
Orville Les Paul Std.
Orville Les Paul Special
Orville Les Paul Junior
Guild Starfire IV
Custom built Telecaster Thinline
Yamaha FG-180 (1969)

No problems, ever.


hope this helps, jon!

now onto brad's question about smarty dish. we actually pulled the original dish cubes from shelves because we were not happy with the performance. quite frankly, they did not work well enough for our standards.

now, after a few years of creating and testing formulas, we've finally landed on smarty dish, which is honestly the best dishwasher detergent i have tried... ever. basically, the entire formulation has been revamped with a strong emphasis on efficacy.

keep on asking questions - we're having fun!


Ni to everyone at Method! :-)

I just wanted to tell you that I have been an avid method fan and consumer since it's inception! EVERY product I have ever used of yours has worked fabulously,whether used for cleaning or health and beauty.SO... my 2 questions are these;firstly,one of my most favorite products you had was the Olive leaf creamy body wash and now I can't find it ANYWHERE! :-( Have you stopped making it? and if so,WHY??!! ALSO,I wondered how I could go about obtaining some coupons for your wonderful products and if you even might offer free samples from time to time?If so,please sign me up! LOL!! Keep up the great work you guys! :-)


Hi, nothing about products per se...I enjoy your blog (and products), but one thing bothers me, when I happen to click on a picture to get a bigger-ized version...I don't. It just opens another page. Can you guys make sure your embedded pics are 'enlargeable' for us older folks to see them?

Case in point, this: http://peopleagainstdirty.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/06/24/japan10_2.jpg

Can you read the tiny text? I can't! :)


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