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August 21, 2008


Cheryl Sisson

I'm liking what I hear! Thanks Method, for another great product!!

Cheryl Sisson


Excellent news! I was wondering when you guys would come up with a dishwasher soap. Pink grapefruit too! yay!

Mary Zoellner

This sounds great. I will give it a try--love your bathroom cleaners and dryer sheets. However, the laudry soap left my clothes a little dull looking. Also, I am having a hard time finding your cleaning and laudry products at my local Target store (Ft. Worth, Texas)like I used to. I wish Tom Thumb (Safeway) stores would stock more cleaning and laundry products. Can only find hand soaps. I have asked them--but they haven't yet.


Why the animal testing?


looks great! too bad I don't have a dishwasher...other than my own two hands of course :)


that is great! now, how do i buy this?? it's not on your website yet =P

Sarah Royse

I am so glad you brought back an improved version of dishwasher tabs. I loved the old tabs, so I can't wait to try these out!

Kelly K

Uh, Ryan? They DIDN'T pass the animal test... as in, they didn't perform animal testing. They were trying to be funny... that is the only test they didn't pass because they don't do animal testing. Ok? Ok.


Ryan, I think they meant they didn't do animal testing.
Here's a question- Is this product safe for septic systems? I was told not to use powder dishwashing detergents because they did not completely disolve. I can only assume this is a pressed powder tablet.


wonderful but where can we buy it on the Isle of Wight ??


Pure delight! I got the news today, and am ordering this product immediately.

I am so excited! I have new Fisher-Paykel dish drawers installed. Yippee! A product worthy of partnership with my dishwashers.

Welcome to my kitchen. Method(tm) all the way!

Besides ordering this today, I will replenish my supply of Ylang Ylang shower spray. It's an emergency.

(If I open my kitchen cabinets, maybe you can hear my dishes applauding and spreading the word among themselves.)


I can't wait to buy/use smarty....
thank you

Jon Moss

Looks great guys! Hopefully available in the UK too?!


Great - but its not on your website or target. so where can you buy this? I loved the old dishwashing packets which are now gone. so whats up and why is it not on your website?

Karen Simon

I know HSN launched these exclusively to them last month. But I read somewhere they are in Target stores. I'm also noticing that Method products are beginning to dwindle at my Target. The next time I need dishwashing detergent I'm DEFINITELY buying them from HSN, if they aren't in stores by then!! LOVE your products--I use almost everything.



Kimberly Bomba

Will this be available in liquid form? My F&P dish drawer does not recommend I use tabs or powder detergent.


I squealed with delight when I read the news! Then I looked around and everyone in the office was staring!

I agree with Angela. My glassware prefers liquid or gel detergent, but the other phosphate-free brands don't get the job done.

I can't wait to try SmartyDish!


Yippee! Will it be available in Canada soon as well?


To Mary Z: The detergent may be reacting with your water. Some detergents work well with some water systems, and others don't. You may also be using too much detergent. If you have especially soft water, you may need to use much less detergent. Fabric softener may also increase the chances of this happening, especially if fabric softener is used with every load.


I would kill for the dishwasher soap (or anything else method for that matter!) in bulk like the giant thing of hand soap I got at costco.


I purchased the smarty dish from hsn.com because I could not find it at Target or on the method website. I tried it out in a bowl first and it disolved very well, not a trace of the tablet was left. I then used in my dishwasher and my dishes were not only clean but they sparkled. The grapefruit scent was not overwhelming either. It was very light and calming. I would recommend this to anyone.


I purchased the grapefruit smarty dish combo from hsn, here is the link:

Before trying it on my dishes I tried it in a bowl and the tablet dissolves completely, not a trace was left. When I tried it in the dishwasher, my dishes were not only clean but they sparkled and the scent coming from the dishwasher was very light and calming. It was not overwhelming in any way.


I'm so excited to see new dishwasher stuff available! Time to hit up Target to see if they've got them, if not, I'll have to order them from HSN!

sarah homeijer

hey there, everybody, it's sarah from method. quick answer on the septic system question... the smarty dish cubes are absolutely safe to use, as they were thoroughly tested to ensure that they will dissolve completely during the wash cycle, and the formulation is naturally derived, non-toxic and biodegradable. shoot me any other questions over at [email protected] happy to answer them!

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