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August 21, 2008



I received the samples, used them and found my dishes came out cleaner than when I used my regular grease cutting dishwasher soap. Also, the rust spots caused by our hard water and high lime content disappeared on the first wash. My dishes never looked so good, thank you so much! (If only Smarty Cubes were coming out earlier!)


i saw this on HSN and while all my household products are now Method i found 20 bucks to be high. are you guys paying the 20 or did the price go down? i would love to try this out because we LOVE their other products so much that we have to have them shipped to us in bulk, because we live in an extremely rural area and i refuse to use anything else since i found their products.


why should we have to buy from a website? I refuse to buy everyday items from a website! then we have to pay for the extra shipping costs! Put Method in stores!!!!! Target is fine, but what about Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertson's? Method products are so good that they should be widely available. Method - what's the deal?


This is great! I have dishwasher, and I think next gen has a dish product, but no cool scents or tablets. Way to go Method!

kelly ann

well, well, well, i may just have to get out there to buy myself a dishwasher.

i love you, method. you make everything i own oh so lovely.


I love your products the smells are so refreshing...yummmm. thanks, I am anxious to try your new dishwashing product

Lynda Gayle

I agree with everyone else, I am disappointed that TARGET does NOT carry everything from METHOD that they used to carry... that was my main reason to go to TARGET... where else to go in ORLANDO, FL?


"One test it didn’t pass, we have to admit, is animal testing. But that’s because we just don’t think that’s nice."

I love you method! Thank you SO much for not testing your products on animals. :)


I justed started using your general household cleaner for the first time, and I am absolutely hooked!! The smell of cumcumber has me cleaning everything in sight with absolute delight!! Can't wait to try your other stuff!!!
Thanks for making a great product that is kid and environmentally friendly!


Thanks for the septic info...I have been waiting for a Method dish detergent safe for our system. Now to hunt Smarty down! What can we do as consumers to get Target to care your entire line? LOVE your products...keep 'em coming!


Good news, I just went to Target yesterday to pick up some of their new air care products and guess what???? the smarty dish were in stock. The waiting may be over for most of us method supporters.

Jen Montgomery

Seems like excessive packaging for such an eco-concious brand.


I was SO excited to try these, both because they seemed like an awesome, well-designed, Earth-friendly product, and because with the new home my boyfriend and I just bought (the first owned home for both of us!), I have a dishwasher for the first time in almost 7 years! We couldn't find these the night we did our initial shopping trip and ended up with something inexpensive and generic, which not only didn't seem to wash the dishes overly well, it didn't all rinse OFF of the dishes (and I had to wash them all by hand a second time anyway). We finally got these and they worked like a charm! The scent is fresh and not overpowering, and every dish came out clean and sparkly, not a drop of food or grease in sight. THANK YOU, METHOD!!!


I love the smarty dish container because I can remove the label and reuse it for storage in my garage and craft room. I buy method products at target - but they need a bigger selection please (omaha, ne). I'd love to be able to buy this (and your entire product line) by the case on Amazon.com.

Love you guys, keep up the good work!


I LOVE these and have been tracking them down at local Targets..finally found one that had a good stock..I have tried the Pink Grapefruit and NOTHING else that I have tried have left my glasses spot free like this stuff..only issue (and I don't know if I'm the only one) is that the tab is an awkward shape for my dishwasher..I get it in there, but it's some work..worth it, though! Love the product!


I bought the smarty dish at Tartget for 4.99 and loved it. Now I can only find it at HSN, 2 cans for 20.00. :-(
Great product, but not THAT great. Guess I'll be switching to another brand.

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