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April 30, 2009


Nix Smith

I love it, AND I'm unemployed AND I'm cute! So please : )


i love it and i love smelling like grapefruit!


Pick me please!


I'm getting laid off tomorrow - I need something to cheer me up!


I'd love to try these less environmentally unfriendly products!


I will use every single thing in it! A lot!

Chris K

Pick me, I'm unemployed and could really use a pick me up! Plus, I'll brag about it on my blog: www.chriskul.blogspot.com.


Ooh, of course I love it. Particularly the biodegradable trays...sounds cool!

And I love Method handwash, but am trying to scrimp and save. So, extrememly cheap handwash (i.e., FREE!) would be great!

Chris P

This would accelerate my going green!!!! I have loved every method product I have tried so far-but I haven't tried the hand wash yet. It sounds like a fun selection of items!!!! And I promise to share those items I can't use!!

Great blog, did not know it existed until I saw Danny's referral.


i love it and am obsessed with reading green tips!


I'd like to win because I live in the middle of Kansas and never get to go to these shindigs...

julie Heribosn

I would love to win the gift bag so I can walk the walk talk the talk and wash my hands to keep from getting swine flu


because it would make my day! what a fun giveaway. thanks danny! :)


I love method. I love chocolate. I need to replace my nalgene. I really do need a new coin purse. Vivaterra's pretty awesome too.

I love it!


I want to try everything in that gift tote!

katrina grace craig

nothing perks me up faster than the smell of grapefruit! couple that with chocolate and i might be very near invincible...

Liberty Lake Farmers' Market

The e-bay water bottle would be great with my other stainless steel bottles. I need to take more than one water bottle with me because I drink so much water.


Because I have had a hard week and it will make me smile!


because I'm a recessionista!

Condo Blues

I'm trying to green my makeup routine and don't know where to start with products, this would be a great opportunity to start learning about what works for me and my skin. I'd even write about it on my blog. But what excites me the most is the water bottle. I'd give it to my husband so he stops stealing mine!


great giveaway! i never win anything!


pick me because I really want to win something and I would love everything in it....and it will make me smile smile smile!


i would like one of each please and i'm super poor! AND i never win anything!!


I want to win because I love anything Method makes, but also because the description of the Esquire cover made me giggle.

sophia tangerine

i bam when i'm eco-friendly! the swag looks mad rad and i would love to use each and every item. :)

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