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September 22, 2009


Chris P

Love a clean, green kitchen!!! I feel like I am doing a small part to help the earth; and a huge part to keep my family and pup safe and healthy. I would love to enter and especially WIN!

Rae Neilson

OMG it is so not fair that the is no BB&B where I live!!! I need to get this in my hands ASAP!!!! Hell or high water I will find a way!!!

You guys never stop amazing me!

Rae Neilson


Cool! I was just at BB&B last week and saw these, was really wondering what was up since I hadn't heard of them before! I love Citrus Cilantro so I will totally be buying that one!


I love all of your products, and the new citrus cilantro scent sounds amazing!

granite cleaning

Tried it, wasn't very impressed, I have gone for granite gold cleaner from http://www.granitepolish.co.uk and you get more for your money, 2 large 750ml bottles


Oh, I'm going to have to try the granite cleaner, and perhaps the citrus cilantro cleaner. I love your products.


Sounds like a great line! I bet the citrus cilantro scent smells wonderful!


How is the multi-surface cleaner different from the all-purpose surface cleaner?


Can't wait to try these in my new kitchen!

Glass Cleaner

Nice one . . .

Thanks for sharing with us

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